29 Kas 2013
Kasım 29, 2013

Civil Climate Summit: Declaration

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 1. This dangerous course must be stopped. The greenhouse gas emission in Turkey increased by 124 % between 1990 and 2011. This breakneck increase threatens our lives in many areas both in the countryside and the cities. We are now witnessing the impacts of the climate change more closely in Turkey as a result of the increase in the severity and frequency of extreme weather events like floods, inrush of water, heat waves, drought, tornados, etc. It is not a solution, at all, to ignore the problem.

2. Turkey must reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global climate change, by at least 15 % until 2020, as compared to year 2011. This target can be achieved without building new hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear power stations. Furthermore, energy efficiency and energy saving are the best applicable means in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in all sectors.

3. In order to achieve this national target, local administrations, as well, must go into action, immediately. Municipalities must make inventory for greenhouse gas and in line with the national target, it should be aimed to achieve a 15 % decrease in emissions until 2020. Information on reduction in emission must be reported and shared with the society. All implementations  to be performed at local administrations should be directed to local climatic action plans which aim reducing greenhouse gas, and such plans should certainly include targets for adaptation to the impacts of climate change.

4. We know that the solution does exist. The solution covers reduction of the use of coal, petroleum and natural gas at national and local scales, as well as prevention of losses and enhancement of renewable energy rate. We are aware that this can be achieved by means of “carbon neutral” implementations in transportation and in houses, on one hand, and by the realization of recycling, reduction and reuse policies in the waste sector, on the other hand, rapidly. Such a process will be possible if the taxes collected against the fossil fuels are transferred to climate friendly solutions. All such measures will ensure achievement of the reduction of greenhouse gas emission target which Turkey must urgently target, and will yield significant levels of economical gain not only for the government, but also for the individuals, as well.

5. The municipalities should be involved in this process, at once, in order to stop the current applications that are climate enemy, having high costs. Therefore, we consider it important that the primary agenda with respect to the forthcoming local elections should be “climate friendly municipality” and we invite the mayoral candidates to declare their political will on this issue.  

6. We call the mayoral candidates of all political parties for the inclusion of 15 % reduction of greenhouse gas emission target in their election statements. We hereby proclaim to politicians that we shall closely follow up the national and local implementations during this process and in future, and that we shall take steps only together with the solution seeking people.


23 November 2013, Ankara


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